Our Privacy Policy

We are committed to ensuring that when you visit this website your privacy is respected and protected. This document lays out the policies that we follow in order to ensure this.

Alterations to this privacy policy

The Internet is a fast changing environment and privacy laws are under constant review in numerous jurisdictions. This policy may therefore have to be changed, whether for legal or commercial reasons, in the future and it will not be possible to give notice of this. However any changes will be notified immediately in this document and you should check to ensure that it is not changed since any previous visits.

The latest update to this policy was carried out on the22/3/2020.

Responsibilities for this privacy policy

The person who is responsible for the creation and the maintenance of this privacy policy is Mark Brierley (hereafter referred to as 'the owner' or 'us') of East Suite Waterfront, Salts Mill Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD17 7TD. If you have any queries, complaints or concerns about this policy please express them to this person in the first instance.

Data collection

There are two types of data which may be collected by ourselves. These are generic and non-identifiable data which we gather from our log files of visitors, and there is also identifying data which we collect about you as an individual.

The generic data refers only to unnamed and unidentifiable visitors to our website. This includes information about the pages that are visited and details about the Internet device that the visitor uses, including whether this is a laptop computer, mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Identifying data is information that we can only get from you if we have a direct contact from you, either by post, telephone or email. Copies of any communications that we receive from you will be kept for administrative purposes only and will not be used for any marketing purposes.

Disclosure of your information

We will not disclose any information about any visitor to our website or any person who contacts us unless we have good reason to believe that:

1) A criminal offence has been, or is likely to be, committed
2) Any communication from you is excessively abusive, threatening, racist or designed to introduce fear, offence or any other mental disturbance
3) To fail to do so would cause us to commit a criminal offence
4) To fail to do so could cause risk of harm to yourself or any other person.

In these events we retain the right to pass any relevant information on to appropriate legal authorities only.


Any cookies which are used on this website will be used in order to enhance the visitor's experience or improve the use of our website. We will not use cookies in order to extract or store any confidential or personally identifying information about any visitor.

Sites that we link to

If we link to other websites we have no control over their privacy policies and you should therefore check them before browsing their websites.

Processing of information

We may process nonidentifying information in order to provide ourselves with statistics about the use of our website. This will be used solely to help us to improve our website and will not be used for marketing purposes. We will not process information about individual visitors in any way.

Sharing of information

Whilst we may, as detailed above, provide information to relevant authorities if we are legally obliged to do so, we will not share information for any commercial reasons whatsoever.

Retention of information

We have no wish to retain information about any of our visitors longer than is necessary. However sometimes enquiries can take a long time to answer and therefore we store copies of communications on our computer systems long-term. We will however delete such information if you request us to do so, and this will be carried out within as short a time as is practicable, subject to us receiving adequate evidence of your right to request such a deletion.

Accuracy of information

In the unlikely event that you feel that we have information about you which is incorrect you have the legal right to insist that we correct this information and this will be carried out within as short a time as possible.

Marketing communications

Unless you specifically request us to do so we will not send any marketing communications to you whatsoever. Nor will we pass information on to any other person or business so that they can send you marketing communications. However, should you visit any website that we link to they may have a different policy regarding this and so you should check their privacy policies to ensure that they are acceptable to you before giving them any information whatsoever.

Complaints about our privacy policy

You should address any complaints about our privacy policy to Mark Brierley via our 'contact' page.

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