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Over the past century, motor vehicles have evolved from being luxuries of the rich to becoming basic needs. Today, you cannot travel efficiently without a car. Manufacturers of these cars have been experimenting with some of the strangest designs, and some of them became memorable classics. Still, there are many weird car designs that you have never seen, and you will be able to explore some of them in this site. is a hobby website that features the strangest auto vehicles that have ever been released. Most of the unusual cars are older models, but manufacturers are still trying to revolutionise the industry with inovative designs. The site is dedicated to people who love and admire motor vehicles, and those who are fascinated by out-of-the-box designs.

For the best impression, our site features lots of high-quality images of the vehicles. This way, you can get a better feeling for the cars, and there are also descriptions to help you understand the design and its inspiration. Our team is made up of two highly-qualified professionals, both of who are thoroughly knowledgeable about motor vehicles.

Meet the Team

Mark Brierley (me!) is a founding member of He has been a car enthusiast since he was a child, and over the years, he has developed an interest in weird, unique, and unusual vehicles. He studied mechanical engineering at Birmingham University and graduated in 2010. Unlike many people in the field, he chose to forfeit regular day jobs and started writing for various sites as a freelancer. All of these sites were in the field of cars. This experience further improved his knowledge of vehicles and set him up to be a great writer in the niche of unusual cars. In addition to being well versed in motor vehicles, Peter has excellent communication skills and can get you hooked to a lengthy piece. Besides writing about strange cars and working as a freelancer, he spends his time working out and drawing.

Matthew Holden is the chief photographer and web designer of, and he was among the founding members of the site. He has extensive experience in the field of photography, having worked with many notable websites and blogs over the years. Matthew is also quite knowledgeable about motor vehicles. He knows exactly how to take photos of the cars in order to send the right message and give the correct impression. With his background in arts and graphic design, Matthew is also skilled in developing websites and digital products. He handles all the designing tasks on the site.

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